Wednesday, January 26, 2005

No Rhyme or Meter

I’m feeling high.
Life goes by real slow.
The bottomless abyss is lying exposed
Questions stir and float.
Black coffee waiting near by,
Congealing and cooling off summer love.
Utterly naked,
Except for my clothes.
Can you wrap your arms around me?

There’s something that belonged to me,
That you have.
It’s got a bar code, price tag,
Came in a plastic bag.
The consciousness police are vigilant
After letting off steam on an extended coffee break
The alter of silence is thrown open.
Come pay your respects to the priestess.
Pregnant is she divine.

Guitar fingers stretching across frets.
Will and wish to do the same.
Stretch like a rubber band to the other side of the room.
Where your presence tingles.
Clanging, the bandwagon arrives.
Loud crashes and spotlights shine.
Breathing prances and leaps around me.
Only your still serenity attracts me.
Everything else melts like a tired candle.

I exist in your realm.
My untouched treasure.


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