Monday, April 20, 2009

Ode on a Unregulated Market

The men at the market places are ravenous
Plasticine brides are baking hard
The ties are tripping at home tonight
Doing the dead cat bounce to a swing set symphony

Bloody zig zags with arrow heads fall
Almighty singing axes sharpen
Model airplanes crash into penthouse bay windows
Amid a susurrus of rained out parades

Marx has a new friend in the corner
He has a triple A rating
Master of disguise, Alas always a loser
In the semi finals of the Trusteeship trophy

The grave diggers solemnly meet again
To fill up the holes in the Earth
And bounce light off tin foil policies
Into middle class eyes

Hobson's Choice

Eggs in one basket?
Nail in your casket?

Monday, October 15, 2007

To stab a clock

How has this come to pass?
Who has tipped the hourglass
With such cruelty in my disfavour
If only i could trace the line
And stop the theiving hands of time
To have a moment suspended

Dangling moment, frozen fresh
A snapshot of such happiness
Laced with a longing ache
So beautiful in its single frame
Raw, uncaptured, untamed
I'd ride the roaring tiger forever

A token from a pile of chips
Snatched away from a lover's lips
As our limbs cash in
We collide with reckless force
An act to unabashedly coarse
That it sands itself into refinement

Smooth like you, smooth like me
Face of marble, face of mud
Cool, salty, silty, smooth
But then the seconds kill the firsts
The lasts, the bests and the worsts
Till the moment can hang no longer

Friday, October 05, 2007


When your many streams of consciousness
Make a suicidal leap into the sea
You will have a eureka experience
And finally understand me

When the footfalls of your idea army
March straight into battle to die
And spill blood where the Earth is driest
You will grow an eye for and I

But if you think of me in sleep
When your defenses have fallen to the floor
I might see you twitch in resentment
And forever close this door

So walk on a great deal longer
plod over impossible terrain
Then I will show you what light I have carried
And all will not be in vain

The Grand Reopening

Sweep up the all cobwebs
This hotel is open again
Guests will come in dinner jackets
And sip cognac while watching the rain

Grease the wheels of the room-service carts
Load them with buckets of ice
Impregnate them with chilled champagne
Only the very best will suffice

Iron all the uniforms
Rehire all the maids
Polish all the bellboys’ shoes
Steam the creases in their plaids

Stock the larders with ropes of garlic
And meats from all over the world
Let jasmine once more scent fragrant grains
While king prawns lie among them curled

The streets will be envious beyond relief
This hotel will be splendid again
At the junction where Nostalgia avenue
Meets Confusion Main and Confounded Lane

Drive away the mendicants
There will be no poverty here
Only opulence beyond one’s imagination
In rooms that are priced very dear

If your eyes are rich with glittering tears
And your experience was very expensive
Do join us for drinks in the Wrecking-Ball-Room
Our wine list is suitably extensive

When you retire to the presidential suite
Please note the complimentary willows
We hope the stay will be to your taste
Like the salt and the mint on your pillow

Monday, September 24, 2007

Chocolate chip?

Sometimes i wish
I could grab your cookies
In public

And crumble them
My way
And you'd like it

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Italy scape 1

I swept the cobwebs off the sea skin
And paid one diamond earring to the Mediterranean
It glittered in its newly polished surface
And sank like the rock it is

I floated on the waves
Lapping against squares paved with sun
My skin cried salty tears, my heart leapt in my chest
but my mind was very, very still

Italy scape 2

I found a Joshua tree in Firenze
It was filled with swilling tourists
Spilling with Irish memorablia
Yet not a ginger head in sight


Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have a few pounds in my pocket
Maybe a couple of pence
It'll buy us some drinks
Life can start to make sense

A quiet night, a happy night
A merry night of no pretence
We can straddle the bar
Debilitate our defence

I bought you a beer
But you drink cider
I borrowed your ears
And now you're an insider

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No More References

Why should i use a simile
when the metaphor is true?
Liken you to person, place, object or thing
when they actually become you?

Why should i fashion you?
when you already seem so stylish
Impress my thumb on your forehead
with an alien, foreign wish?

As you frown beside me in sleep
in your skin, the furrowed ridges
are so much more expressive
than analogies or adages

A Tisket-A Tasket

A tisket, a tasket
Put all my eggs in one basket
And when they broke
The yellow yolk
Behaved remarkably just like you

Away they ran
Down the drain
Making a mess
And leaving a stain