Monday, March 21, 2005

The end of love's illusion

As I came down the stairs,
After sitting with my back to you,
I was hoping you had left the floor.

But while your pony tailed friend looked about
Outside, as I descended
My eyes fell upon you standing there.

Like a wolf at the bottom of the flight,
And it probably was a full moon night
That no one notices in a warm pub.

Beers had been downed,
Sorrows had been drowned
None as deep as the shadow you wished to cast

It was amusing to watch your face
As you looked into mine
After all those nights of lonely misery and abstract self pity

When you spoke I did not think of what I’d missed
But a face to face reality
And it was not what I had cried over

I realized that we are really not what we seem
Life is indeed a waking dream
That is fraught with colour just before sleep

The form had nothing to do with an old lover
The face had nothing to do with my plight
And I felt to weep again for all my weeping

But I laughed heartily at the situation
Mocked and giggled at the tardy confrontation
It did nothing to shatter the ideal I had lost

And I figured once again
What I had told my self in vain
That the dream was not you

It was not you
It was not me
It was what we could be eventually.


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Lovely. The form and the rhymes work really well.

4:41 PM  

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