Wednesday, October 12, 2005

By The Lake

Here I am again,
Up in my tree
They won’t look here
I can be free
I can play my guitar
Learn to Play it well
Become really good
And escape this hell hole

His belt has a home
My back has a welt
Everything is red
Everyone is angry
Her eyes are swimming
Her mouth is quiet
No one really cares
Nothing’s really clear

I start my long walk
To my favorite place
Where I can talk
In my own sub-human tongue
Down by the lake
Little fish swim by
I smile a rare smile
And close my eyes

Today is special
I turned nine
But I realize
How many beatings
I have left
Too many years
Too few tears
I don’t think I can last

Down by the lake
I’m going to cry
Down by the lake
I’m going to die

I’m finally here
I can see my self
On the still water
Why would they love me?
A last lost son
God will take me
When I am done
And I close my eyes

I open my eyes
My feet haven’t moved
Maybe tomorrow
I’ll throw my self in
Down by the lake
Away from the boats
If I jump today
I’ll ruin my new clothes


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Alice in Chains

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